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Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm have been earning a world famous reputation for their honest, competent and time efficient legal services. Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm, have been focusing on a wide range of areas of the legal practice including:

Aviation Law (Air Charter Agreements Litigation, Lease of Aircrafts, Passenger Claims, Aircraft Purchases in Greece, Aircraft Parts’ Purchases)

Compensations / Debt Recovery (Recover Outstanding Payments and Debts in Greece)

Greek Inheritance Law (Greek Inheritance Lawyers offering Expert Legal Services in Greece)

Shipping Law (Resolve Wet & Dry Shipping Related Legal Matters via Mediation or Litigation in Greece, Ship Purchase in Greece)

Greek Golden Visa Program (Buy a House in Greece and gain access to the EU & Schengen areas).

Business & Commercial Law (Contracts, Sales, Claims, Litigation, Company Formations)

Contracts & Sales (Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation)

Real Estate Law (Property Transactions, Real Estate Related Litigation, Residence Permits on the Acquisition of Property over the value of 250.000 EURO, Title Searches)

Immigration & Nationality Law (Immigration Applications, Immigration Appeals, Asylum, Consular VISA Processing Assistance etc)

Bankruptcy/Insolvency Law (Cross-border Insolvency)

Accidents, Negligence & Claims (Road Traffic Accidents Litigation, Personal Injury)

Administrative Law

Criminal Law

Energy Law

Family Law (Divorces, Child Support Claims, Litigation Services)

Medical Law

Trademarks and Patents (Applications for Trademarks and Patents in Greece, Trademark and Patent Related Litigation)

Litigation & ADR (Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Procedures, Torts, Petitions for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements)

Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements


State Reports on Criminal Records in Greece – Penal Records for General Use / Police Certificate from Greece / Criminal Records Copies from Greece / Police Clearance Certificate in Greece

Official Translating Services (EN to GR) – Official Translations from English to GreekContact us today so that you get a quote on your legal matter at http://www.athenslawoffice.com