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Assalaamu’alaikum Enterprise is one of the leading Moving and Storage companies in Singapore.

We provide full package Moving for local and West Malaysia with professional packing and budget Storage facilities where clients can store goods at a budget rate.

We have more than two decades of experience and our rates are at an affordable price guaranteed!

We were featured on News Papers and have attained a few awards & certification.

We have more than 14k followers on Facebook. We are Singapore’s Expat favorite Mover!

Our clients range from:

HDB residents, Condo residents, Celebrities and Footballers, reputable people such as; Datuks and CEOs, Private sector and Public sector organisations and companies, Schools (MOE), Embassies. And our list of clientele goes on.

We’re known for our top-notch service with affordable price.

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19 Mandai Estate, #07-03, Singapore 729911

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Happiness Secrets – How Happiness is all in our mind?

Today i found a Wonderful Blog so i am sharing a Valuable Blog with You about Happiness Secrets, Network Marketing, Business & More. Life without happiness is nothing. Our intention behind doing everything is to be happy and content.Happiness streams into our life in many different forms and it’s us who decide if we wanna embrace it or turn it down.

Imagine these scenarios and ask yourself would you feel happy –

  • If you spend time with your loved ones?
  • If someone admires you for helping them?
  • If you get a proposal? (Business or wedding 😀 )
  • If you travel to the most beautiful places on earth?
  • If your dog gives you hugs? (I must say you are very lucky then 😀 )
  • If you spend time with your best buddy?
  • If you listen to your favourite playlist?
  • If you finally put that idea on paper?
  • If you get a promotion?
  • If you read your favourite book?
  • If you achieve something you have always dreamed for?

These are the moments to be cherished and It’s really great if we feel happy when we experience all these beautiful and happy moments. But don’t you think we have put so many “if’s” or “but’s” in our life and sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to live life peacefully because of these conditions. Because we think “If” we won’t get what we expect, our happiness would disappear far in the dark places of sorrow and resentment. But it’s not someone else who steals it from us. We let it disappear. So we always have to remind ourselves..

Image result for happiness laugh

And yes!!!!! It’s extremely difficult to get good feelings when something bad happens to us. But choosing to be a victim of the bitter experiences is something we should not accept. Ultimately it’s our choice either to learn, be strong and move on or to fill ourselves with resentment, anger, worry and any other negative emotion. We have to stop convincing ourselves about how some situations are hard to overcome. Because It only takes a single moment to decide If we want to feel sad, angry, tired, lazy, happy, loving or excited.

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Imagination-Decides-Everything! (2)

We are the only ones to make that choice. And once we make the right choice, we would learn to appreciate the invaluable gifts given to us by God and we would never feel stuck, miserable, anxious or unfulfilled.

Related image
Living a happy life is not an option,but a choice. Living happily ever after is in our hand,but still most of us are living an empty life.The foremost reason of this unfulfilled life is “bundle of expectations” from others. Today we are living a life of huge expectations.
◆ Expectations of love
◆ Expectations of getting special attention
◆ Expectations of being successful in professional life.
◆ Expectations of getting happiness and joy from others.
For sure searching for love,joy,happiness and success is really great way of living our life,it brings excitement but… Continue to Read full Paragraph.
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8 Ball Pool Hack – FREE Coins & Cash

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